why Us?

Who are we and why should you work with us?

Introducing the Freshest

Working with The Freshest means you have access to 60+ years of experience in communications, radio, journalism, PR, documentary making, digital marketing and content creation.

We draw on our wide range of expertise to deliver customised solutions for our clients, delivering an innovation ignition package to help you anchor, ignite and fuel your team, while creating a platform for innovation to take your organisation forward.

Our Approach

We understand that in the current environment, organisations need to stay connected to your teams and members more than ever before – and the challenges are larger than we have faced in many years.

Our approach is to work alongside you to develop a strategy and then help deliver it, using digital platforms, video interviews and innovation frameworks to truly anchor, ignite and fuel the fire in your team. 

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1. Strategise

We kick off with a workshop session to draw out the things that matter most. The outcome from this is a communications and innovation strategy for your organisation.

2. Anchor your team

The first step in delivery is to focus on anchoring your team – ensuring they feel secure in their roles within the organisation, opening clear communication channels, and sharing key messages.

3. Ignite Creativity

In this stage we introduce a platform for innovation and creativity to inspire and encourage your team to start sharing and developing their ideas. 

4. Fuel the Fire

As we continue to build on the work in anchoring and ignition, we also fuel that fire of creativity by building the community and connection within your organisation.

build confidence, security and connection within your team

As an owner or manager do you dream of having a tight team that is really connected to each other, who share ideas and provide support and encouragement for each other every work day?

Do you wonder how on earth you could possibly bring your team along to be that way? 

We have a four step process to help sow the seeds and equip you to make this happen in your business or organisation.

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The Faces Behind our Success

In addition to our core staff, we have a team of journalists, content creators
and communicators we can match to each project. 

Do you want to ignite your business?

we can do it together