What Does Consulting Your Team Look Like?

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Making major changes in your business to respond to economic downturns or circumstances like Covid 19 often has a significant impact on your staff. How do you manage the process?

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Daring leaders who live into their values are never silent about hard things.

The process of working through restructuring and redundancy will be all too familiar to many New Zealand business owners and managers over the last few months.

Juggling budgets, trying to project revenue in a situation no-0ne has been in before and no-one can realistically say when it will end, trying to work out what the minimum overhead you need to pay in order to keep your business going – and ultimately, making decisions about whether you can keep all of your staff or if you have to let some of them go.

When it comes to making those decisions, many will seek legal advice to ensure they are following the correct process, and one step that is part of the process is to consult with the staff involved around their thoughts and any alternative solutions they might be able to come up with that would enable them to keep their jobs or perhaps change the job to fit the current situation.

Unfortunately, all too often this part of the decision making process is only a box ticking exercise and the staff are consulted at a point that is far too late in the process to have meaningful input.

So how can you engage more meaningfully with them to gain their input BEFORE it is too late and the decision has in effect already been made?

Engage Early with Your Team

We recommend engaging with your team early in the process of working out the future for your organisation. Don’t take this all on yourself or just rely on external advisers for legal and financial advice because you know this is going to be hard for everyone.

We work with companies who want to give their staff a real opportunity to be involved with the business, bring their personal experience and ideas to the table and be taken seriously. Building trust is essential to enable this process to work, and that is difficult if you have never trusted your team with business information before.

To get them to contribute, they need context. They need to know the things you are considering and the things you have explored but decided against and the reasons for doing that. 

They need to know how open you are to really considering ideas that they put time and effort into developing and bringing to you.

And they need to be given time to work on those ideas within work hours and recognised for their efforts should you decide to implement any of them.

Most importantly, they deserve to have a say in their future within your organisation – or outside of it if they would actually prefer to move on. 

We have tools that can help put structure around this process, and we look forward to working with you if you are in this position within your organisation.

Get in touch and tap into the resources within your organisation.

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