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Video newsletters

At the core of our offering are regular video interview newsletters for your team or members.

These are tightly edited into a package of up to 20 minutes (weekly option) or 30 minutes for a monthly roundup. 

Content is outlined in your strategy, but usually includes staff interviews, a customer interview and a leadership interview, along with some external content for information, inspiration or motivation.


Client testimonials

As an outcome of creating your regular video newsletters, we can also gather client or customer testimonials that you can use on your website and on social media channels.

This is a powerful way to capture the voice of your customers and helps create dynamic, fresh content for your digital platforms.

Video testimonials are a powerful and authentic sales aid, and we highly recommend using this aspect of our service.


Building a library of video content as a training resource is a powerful way to leverage your time and energy while upskilling your team or your members, especially with a rapidly changing business environment.

Videos can be watched at any time, in any setting – including in the field, and building this resource will continue to deliver value to your staff and your business. 

Onboarding and retention

Working with large teams who are mobile or based in different locations presents challenges when it comes to onboarding and retention.

Once again, a resource of specific video content makes it easy to package and provide access to relevant information in a visual format to ensure your team are compliant, informed about your processes and introduced to other key members of the team.

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Design​​ and Animation

Bringing your messaging to life and helping to further engage your team with graphics, animation and quality editing.

Health and Wellbeing

More than ever before, employers have responsibility for supporting the health and wellbeing of their teams.


Strategy is always key to success. We can start without it, but seeing the bigger picture from the beginning saves time and resources further down the track.

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