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Focus Groups

Focus groups have been around a long time, and many businesses see them as purely a market research tool, however they can be a powerful way to gather meaningful feedback and insights from large organisations with multiple departments.

Having outside consultants running this kind of information gathering on your behalf often results in insights that staff might not volunteer within your usual organisational meetings and channels.

This is one of the set of research tools we would consider when we develop your strategy – or as part of the strategy creation process, and it can also be used to support ideation/ignition within your business.

Staff surveys and interviews

Gathering information rapidly across a large (or small team) and in an anonymous manner can be a powerful way to gain more insights into where your staff are currently at, and what their concerns or thoughts are about their roles and the future of the business or organisation.

We can also use video or non video interviews to gather research insights from staff who are happy to be talked to individually. Again, because they are not talking directly to business owners or managers, insights can be more honest – and therefore more relevant to the process.

customer Surveys and Interviews

Many organisations are hesitant to ask questions of their customers directly, but again, this can more easily be handled by an outside consultancy like The Freshest.

Once you gain approval from individual customers or clients to talk to us, we can handle the rest. If they are open to a video interview, we can capture some of those insights on camera – which is powerful for your information, but can also be used as a testimonial with the customer’s permission.

To gather broader information from your customer base, we can use online survey tools and deliver analysis of the outcomes, along with individual commentary and insights.

market Research and Insights

Along with the tools of online surveys, focus groups and face to face interviews, we also find useful data across social media platforms.

This can be generated in conjunction with online surveys, but also by asking questions on social channels to target your potential customer base, and by monitoring broader sentiment using sentiment tracking tools. 

Once again, depending on your business goals, we can incorporate any of these techniques as relevant into your strategy and implementation process.

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Bringing your messaging to life and helping to further engage your team with graphics, animation and quality editing.

Health and Wellbeing

More than ever before, employers have responsibility for supporting the health and wellbeing of their teams.


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