Internal Communication

Anchoring your team

Anchoring Your Team and Your Organisation

We don’t want you as a manager or a business owner to be isolated in carrying the weight of the whole organisation on your shoulders, taking on the pressure of all the decision making when that’s not necessary. 

It’s not good for you, it’s not good for the organisation, and there are so many ways you can harness those resources that you have in your company or organisation to improve the process of coming up with ideas and solutions to help find your way out of the current situation.

Our anchoring phase is about establishing internal communication channels. In our strategy session we determine the structure for this process.

  • How are you going to communicate with your team or your members? 
  • How often? 

The big thing here is around establishing frequency and consistency. 

You might decide you want to communicate once a week, maybe every fortnight or perhaps once a month for a bigger roundup of information. 

Once you engage with your team and find out how well they respond to the content that you’re sharing with them, how deep you want to go and to your information around management and transparency, how much real detail you want to give them or whether you want to keep it at a higher level. 

So this anchoring phase is really about giving some reassurance to your team, helping them to get a handle on where the organisation is going, what you see ahead, potentially what you consider to be the challenges that you might want their support around.

What we’re doing is building a framework where you feel safe and they feel safe in order to be able to harness the brains and experience and wisdom of your whole team to help move the organisation forward, especially through the current economic situation. 

Management and staff of any size business or organisation are able to be more creative in terms of coming up with solutions to enhance the business when everyone feel appreciated, respected for their opinions and safe in their position. Undermining staff by telling them their roles are under threat is the worst way to get them to come up with workable solutions.

Tap into the power of video

all hands app

All Hands

At The Freshest we understand how challenging it can be to stay connected with your team when everyone either seems or literally is at a different place.

In a time that has been stressful for everyone due to Covid 19, it is more important than ever to make a genuine connection with your staff and provide them with the opportunity to connect with each other in a way that is meaningful.

Many teams who have been working from home are getting very tired of endless or daily Zoom or Teams calls where they wouldn’t normally have been in a full team meeting every day. Glitchy tech, patchy internet at times, background distractions from the family or pets or partners can also make those settings less engaging from a team connection perspective than everyone would like.


And if you have team members out on the road doing their jobs, getting information to everyone in a timely way can also be challenging, especially for staff who are not regularly in front of a computer.

And yet now more than ever, you have important information and messages to share with everyone – from health and safety practices which are rapidly evolving at different levels of Covid 19 management, to mental health and wellbeing, training content and getting to know each other better – as well as getting relevant and timely feedback and questions from your staff.

Using the All Hands platform makes video content more accessible and engaging than ever before as an internal communications tool. 

Your organisation members or staff can view content at a time that suits them, from their phones, tablets or laptops – and engage with your content in the form of questions and emoji responses.

inspire creativity in your team

Getting it done

Why aren’t you doing this already?

Lots of businesses and organisations would love to do video but it’s either in the ‘too hard basket’ due to the technical aspects and needing to edit the video to make it effective – or you and your team are self conscious about talking to camera.

We come to the rescue by taking all of the technical aspects off your hands – using fast and efficient video editing software and recording remotely so that we can interview you without having to send our crew to see you every time. We can also use existing video you might have recorded during a Teams or Zoom call, so the important parts can be incorporated into your All Hands video platform.

And – we interview you so that you don’t just have to talk to camera or learn any lines. Being interviewed and including the interviewer in the video clip makes the content a lot more engaging and dynamic, and means we can inject a little more humour or energy into the content where appropriate.

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The content we create for your internal audiences can also often be used externally as part of your marketing process. We help you leverage that investment.

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Spark creativity around how the business delivers products and services to your customers or clients.

Design​​ and Animation

Bringing your messaging to life and helping to further engage your team with graphics, animation and quality editing.

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