Health and Wellbeing

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Investing in wellbeing

Mental Health

The mental health of your team is something you as an employer or manager can have a significant impact upon – either negative or positive.

We work with you to ensure your impact is positive, by incorporating specific content relating to mental health and wellbeing in our video packages tailored for your organisation, as well as helping to ensure effective two way communication within the organisation.

Stress Management

Techniques for managing stress in the work environment range from providing opportunity and support around physical exercise, ensuring staff take regular breaks away from screens, machinery and work stations, and responding to requests from staff around things that would make it easier for them to manage stress levels.

Having an active ideation platform where ideas can easily be expressed, discussed and acted on is a key part of this process. 


Community building within your team or organisation is an important way to help ensure everyone feels supported. Our ‘fueling the fire’ and community building offering is designed to enable this to happen if you don’t already have an effective platform set up.

Addressing issues like workplace bullying is another – and there are ways to help ensure staff members don’t feel bullied, which may include having more flexibility around work from home arrangements if that is what staff feel comfortable with. 

Building Culture

Culture has become a bit of a workplace cliche in the last few years, but it is still relevant as a way of experiencing how people feel when they work within your organisation, or come into it as a customer or supplier.

Generally the culture is set by the attitude of management, and too often ‘shortcuts’ are taken that don’t really have an impact in terms of how people are feeling. We take culture into account when reviewing your current situation and creating a strategy to help move the organisation forward. Genuine engagement with your team is the first step to making a culture shift.

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Internal Communications

Anchor your team or members by setting up clear internal communication channels and engaging them with highly relevant content.

Community Building

Once the groundwork has been laid and your staff are onboard, building a strong community is key to success.

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