Building Communities

online and face to face

Fueling the fire

building Relationships

To help reinforce the business ignition process (Strategy, Anchoring and Ignition), we recommend that you continue build an online and/or face to face community to help fuel the fire.

This can be a community of your team or organisation members, designed to keep everyone connected, and to build and reinforce relationships to help keep fostering new ideas.

Seeing examples of creativity from others in a community inspires more ideas and encourages people to try them out for themselves, and evolution is rapid.

Making diamonds

Isolation is the dreamkiller – sitting alone in your room with your ideas doesn’t help them catch alight.

We want to make your ideas contagious – in a positive way of course! We want them to spread – to catch on, and engagement within a community enables that to happen.

You just need to facilitate that environment and not only give permission, but actively encourage your team or members to participate and share their thoughts.

This can become a transformational moment in the life of your organisation – taking the coals of covid and using them to craft something brand new: fusing carbon into diamonds.

We Solve Real Problems

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Design​​ and Animation

Bringing your messaging to life and helping to further engage your team with graphics, animation and quality editing.

Health and Wellbeing

More than ever before, employers have responsibility for supporting the health and wellbeing of their teams.


Drilling into what your members, staff or customers are actually thinking and feeling is part of the process. We uncover nuggets you might not be able to access.

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