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Looking back at a year of challenges

It is customary at this time of year to look back, see how far we have come, what we have learned, where things have improved or worsened. And today, just a few days before the annual Christmas shutdown, I’m in that frame of mind.

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Online Communities

What Builds a Thriving, Diverse Community?

After 12 + years of daily social media usage, not just for my own interest but as part of my job as a digital marketer, I have watched many patterns form, trends emerge and pile-ons commence.

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Should I Employ an 18 year old to do my Social Media?

If you are a business owner in your 50s or 60s and you know you should be across social media – should you employ someone who has grown up with it to do it? Or is there a better way?

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Creating Your Marketing Strategy

When times are challenging and the way you do business has changed due to Covid 19, creating an effective marketing strategy is more important than ever.

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What Does Consulting Your Team Look Like?

Making major changes in your business to respond to economic downturns or circumstances like Covid 19 often has a significant impact on your staff. How do you manage the process?

Dr Sarb Johal
Covid-19 Updates

The Psycho-Social Approach to Emergencies

What is the psychology around managing through emergencies or disasters – from earthquakes to Covid 19. Dr Sarb walks us through the dynamics.

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Courage is Contagious

In a world that seems to be burning down around us right now, courage is an attribute we need to see shown by our leaders – and by those of us who follow.


Are you managing right now from a place of fear?

What if I told you as a business owner that you have an incredible untapped resource at your fingertips, and all you need to do to tap into it is follow my lead?

Covid-19 Updates

How can our customers feel safer?

But what can business owners do to make their customers feel safe enough to venture back? What things are you putting in place or considering implementing to help build confidence in the precautions you will be implementing on behalf of your staff and customers?

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