Are you managing right now from a place of fear?

What if I told you as a business owner that you have an incredible untapped resource at your fingertips, and all you need to do to tap into it is follow my lead?

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Want to turn that fear on its head and transform your business?

What if I told you as a business owner that you have an incredible untapped resource at your fingertips, and all you need to do to tap into it is follow my lead?

Businesses around the globe are currently in a state of panic about how they are going to survive and move forward during this time of Covid 19.

So they are thinking from a place of fear and scarcity. Thinking about cutting back, reducing overheads and possibly retrenching staff.

Because they don’t know where their customers are going to come from in the new normal – for at least the next 12 months or so. Longer perhaps in some countries and some industries.

But what if you take a step backwards and genuinely tap into the resources you already have?

The resources you have been worrying about the most.

Yes, your team.

If you are like most small to medium sized business owners, you may not really know how to get the best out of your team, especially in a time of stress and financial uncertainty.

You might be all good with buying them a round of drinks or having snacks in the office. You might even encourage them to bring their dogs in.

But when push comes to shove, you don’t really engage them in your business planning and the real work of determining the future of your company.

Did you realise that many workers will trade part of their income for more meaningful work? For feeling listened to and seen in their jobs? For knowing the real reason they are coming to work every day and what contribution they are making to the world – to their colleagues, to you – but more so, to the customers or clients you are in business to serve. And perhaps even wider if your organisation is about social good.

Did you realise that making a meaningful contribution at work will cement the loyalty of your staff like nothing else?

All too often people ending up trying to find their own ways to make the work they do meaningful – IN SPITE of their company owners or managers.

They connect with team members and form friendships that make their day at work bearable – again, in spite of the way management runs the company. The loyalty they have is TO EACH OTHER, not to the owners or managers of the business. So if they are considering leaving, it is letting down their team mates that has more of an impact than anything else in making that decision.

So what if: you got out of the way – or even better, flipped the switch in the way you run your business. Spend some time working out exactly what it is you want from the company or organisation, and then get some outside assistance from someone like me to turn that into a reality.

We have a four step process for helping to engage your team members, get them inspired to come up with creative ways to help improve and increase your business, and keep them onboard and loyal to you as the company evolves.

We start with a workshop session with you to talk through your current business situation, your challenges and your goals. What messages you want to communicate to your team, and what you want to hear from them. We also talk about what it takes to make meaningful change within the business – especially if you are aware things could be a lot better.

This is your opportunity to stop working from that place of fear. To take the weight of managing through this time off your shoulders alone and share it with your team. To take some brave steps and genuinely engage with the tremendous powerhouse of ideas and experience that is your team.

I can guarantee you that the majority of employees have multiple ideas about ways things can be done better – along with untapped ideas about new products or services you could be offering.

In this time of Covid, you need that creativity and experience more than ever before.

This is your chance to tap into it, and transform your business – for the mutual benefit of yourself, your customers and your team.


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